Web Spirit was founded in 1999 by François Brust, when the Internet was still a newborn to enterprises and people. His vocation was from the beginning to provide solutions to go further, faster, bigger.

Innovation at the service of performance, technology to support the business.

Consulting in Strategy and Management, while relying on new technologies, has naturally been Web Spirit core business.

Then, specific applications have been designed and developed to meet the expectations of our customers, and two dedicated departments were established to carry out research and development tasks in Business Intelligence, and conduct exclusive technology projects.

In keeping with its vision of scientific collaboration and professional relationship, Web Spirit, today more than ever, relies on a network of high level experts based in America, Europe and Asia. This network allows us to involve the best resources, in the best time, and at the better cost.

François Brust

Founder - C.E.O.

After starting out in advertising, François Brust has been advisor to the Russian Space Agency, and the subsidiaries of Central Asia as NPO Energomash, KB photon, proton KB ... He taught management in a business school in France while offering advisory services in economic strategy in the US, Hong Kong and Seychelles.

Then, he founded the B3W group, specialized in online gaming, casinos, poker rooms and sports betting. He left the group to concentrate on his passion: strategy, dedicated to development and organization of companies, mainly in the technology sector.

Instant visionary undisputed strategist, planning expert, charismatic leader, a specialist in innovation and new technologies, digital transformer, growth accelerator, François Brust instills in projects and companies a dynamic and opens up new ways to leverage the achievement objectives.

Marie Michot

Co-founder - C.T.O.

Marie Michot has devoted his career to the use of new technologies for the management and administration of companies. Originally, trainer on basic tools such as Saari, she turned to ERP as Générix, and performed its setup in companies such as Caterpillar, Inovatron, Michelin, Gadis Seca Gabon ...

Then, she upgraded as a SAP specialist, and pilots its deployment in groups like Casio France and France Telecom. She continues as consultant, particularly within Cap Gemini Sogeti, Sanofi or EDF.

She embodies a pragmatic vision of business, where digital tech delivers analysis and recommendations only through human settings and adjustments.