Digital Projects

16 years experience in new technologies and high tech programs make Web Spirit a strong partner you can rely on.

Ongoing projects

Security : Kryptovoc (KVC)

KVC is a concept of Mobile Conversation Encryption used to crypt and decrypt a conversation between two users. Our new encryption process is based on a dynamic fluctuation algorithm. The system does not use public key, and does not transit thru a trusted third-party. Encryption is only under users control.

Big Data

We are testing new cluster management algorithm dedicated to NoSQL databases.

Completed projects

Gaming : Core Engine

We created different core gaming engine dedicated to casino industry, mainly slots machines and video pokers, but also scratch cards, loteries, black jack and roulette. We produced a catalogue of more than 200 games.

Web : E-Cat

E-cat is a java based application managing electronic catalog dedicated to online website. This application was very popular in 1999 and 2000, and was used by more than 5.000 e-commerce web-sites.