With a network build during 16 years of business, Web Spirit is able to help you to draft, build, and manage the perfect teams.

Dynamism & Efficiency !

From job description to profiling and sourcing, recruitment is the key to success for your team. In the same vein, detect black sheep and get rid of them is a daunting task that is often desirable to entrust a third party. Our human resources management experience in new technology companies is based on a requirement for efficiency and dynamism, that pulls together upwards.

Continuous improvement

We, in Web Spirit, are convinced that humans constitute the real value of a business. For that reason, we don't let anybody on the side, when his knowledge or experience can be a plus for the group. That's why we are prefering transversal management, allowing communication between teams, and transparency between project, and also improving competition and involvement in the company. Then, continuous improvement become a philosophy, serving the business, the company and the employees.